Events for Thursday, May 3, 2018

Potomac Nationals vs. Wilmington Blue Rocks

Thursday, 05/03/2018 7:05 PM

Thursday night baseball action at the ballpark as the P-Nats wrap up their series with the Blue Rocks (Royals affiliate.) It's Thursday night, so that means $1 drink specials, and for you college students, $5 tickets with a valid school ID. College students can then proceed to the picnic area along the first base line, for themed trivia tournaments, cornhole, and water pong. Attachments

Radio Bingo

Thursday, 05/03/2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Get a bingo card and a glass of beer (or wine) and keep your ears peeled for songs listed on your card. Do you have the music recognition skills to outlast the competition? You could win major awards! It’s more fun than should be allowed on a Thursday night… but it is… we checked. We’ll rotate the genres each week (Hip Hop; Country; Pop; Rock; Decades). Here’s how it works: You get a bingo card with your initial purchase of a beer or wine, and additional cards can be purchased for $2 each. The proceeds from the additional cards will go to support wounded warriors through Azalea Charities. Music will play over the speakers, and if you correctly identify the song, and it is on your card, you mark that song. If you get 5 in a row before everyone else, you’ll win a major award. And as an added twist, if two or more people get bingo at the same time, we’ll have a dance-off to determine the winner (by popular vote of course). Visit the taproom every Thursday night 7-9pm to join the fun! Attachments

Astrobiology and the Search for Life on Other Worlds

Thursday, 05/03/2018 6:00 PM

By: Dr. Michael Summers Recent discoveries in astronomy and robotic space exploration have shown that all of the requirements for life, such as liquid water, elemental carbon and other raw materials, as well as useable energy, are all commonplace in our solar system and elsewhere in the galaxy. We have also found that there are at least six locations in our own solar system that are habitable for simple life - the subsurface oceans inside three of the moons of Jupiter, two moons of Saturn, and there are even strong suggestions of a subsurface water ocean inside Pluto. It appears that habitability is commonplace! These developments, along with the discovery of thousands of exoplanets (planets that orbit other stars), of which hundreds are Earth-like, has energized the search for life elsewhere - so much so that the study of exoplanets and the search for signatures of life on other worlds are now central goals of NASA’s space exploration efforts. In this talk I will show some of the most surprising results in our studies of other planets and discuss their implications for life elsewhere. Attachments


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